Keen On Disco - Infernal

Keen On Disco


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Keen On Disco - Infernal - tekst piosenki

One night I woke up late, I couldn’t stop thinking about the games that we played,
And so I took a ride, deep into my mind where I got nothing to hide,
You’re like a drug of lure, seducing me like every no was sent from above,
You crawled under my skin, I didn’t notice anything until you were within,

Keen on disco, when I go go, Mr DJ make me stay,
Keen on disco, don’t say no no,
When I met you, make me stay, keen on disco

Keen on disco

At times I long for you, I’m calling and I’m falling I don’t know what to do (o-o-o-o),
You’re always on my mind, singly softly to me that were two of a kind,
When you nibble my ear, the bass is softly pumping when caressing my rear,
You make me soft and sweet, and you’re confusing me with every magic electric beat,


Keen on disco

Magic, Electric, Disco, (Disc-disc-disc-o),
Magic, Electric, Disco, (Disco),


Keen on disco,
Keen on disco, when I go go,
Keen on disco (o-o-o-o).

Keen On Disco - Infernal
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Keen On Disco - Infernal


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