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The Pointer Sisters

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Flowers arrive
Who else whould think of that but my guy
He's all heart and all mine
Ooh, and I don't have to be Miss Perfect One
For him to love what he sees
I can feel it in the little things he does
What I found he's every woman's dream
My baby he's a goldmine
Ooh, what he does just keeps my heart in love
My baby he's a goldmine
Ooh, all he does just keeps me here in love
Five times a day
He calls me up to say,
"How ya doin' babe"
He's just that way
Leaves me little notes by my coffee cup
The sweetest poetry to me
Ooh and every night he tells me with his touch
The way he moves just makes me want to scream
His eyer were fire, my heart was cold
My arms were ready for new love to hold
He makes me feel something that I've never known
When you find someone like him, you don't let go
Girl's got a goldmine and he's so fine
Girl's got a goldmine and he's all mine
Baby's got a goldmine, treats me so kind
Loves me rain or shine
My baby's divine
I can feel the little things that he does
What I found is every woman's dream

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Goldmine - The Pointer Sisters


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