Karolina - Giulia



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When everybody's on the floor
I take a bag, I put them all
I see the lights, I hear the sound
I gotta take the back door
I run and hide, I have no time
Outside the rain, it starts to fall
Ignore the cold, ignore them all
I'm gonna be a rich girl

Tell me what have you done?
I don't know
Why you always have to go?
Where are you gonna run?
Don't you know?
Your wanted picture is on every wall

I check into a small hotel
Turn off the lights and lock the door
I change my hair, I change my clothes
Got running shoes, sun glasses on
A fake ID, a brand new life
I'm ready now to hit the road
Behind the wheel, I think of him
But I still drive to Mexico

Boy, you know I meant to call you
To tell you that I love you
About my love, I never was a lïar

Karolina - Giulia
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Karolina - Giulia


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