Coming Unglued - Kesha

Coming Unglued


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Coming Unglued - Kesha - tekst piosenki

Put on my best face to impress you
Concerned with things you've never even see
What I wouldn't give to possess you
You're just the perfect accessory
Practising the right things to say
Every word intended to intrigue
I'd do anything it would take
If I new you'd fall in love with me

Impeccable picture perfect
Unmanicured and shampooed
But then you walk in the room
Feels like I'm coming unglued
I think I'm coming unglued

It's not like me to just fall apart
Give a shit what other people think
But you're a god a true work of art
Watch me disintegrate piece by piece
On the outside you'd never know
That I'm simply crumbling inside
But my cover will be soon blown
If you ever look me in the eye


Freaking out I can barely take a breath
Anticipation making me a nervous wreck
Rooms spinning room round and melting down
But you would never guess


Yeah yeah yeah yeah
I think I might be coming unglued

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Coming Unglued - Kesha


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