Typical Male - Tina Turner

Typical Male

Tina Turner

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Typical Male - Tina Turner - tekst piosenki

Tell me lawyer what to do
I think I'm falling in love with you
Defend me from the way i feel

Won't you give me some advice
How to handle my private life
I'm sure that we can make a deal

I confess I'm a fool for a man
With a clever mind
But your intellect ain't no match
For this heart of mine

All I want is a little reaction
Just enough to tip the scales
I'm just using my female attraction
On a typical male
On a typical male

Your sense of justice
I'll embrace
But your defense
Won't help my case
I'm deep in trouble with the law

Something about authority
Seems to bring out the bad in me
Hey lawyer gotta catch me when i fall

Oh they say that you match your wits
With the best of them
But I know when I'm close
You're ujst like the rest of them

So put your books aside
Loosen up your suit and tie
Open up your heart and let me in
Open up your heart and let me in

Typical Male - Tina Turner
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Typical Male - Tina Turner


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