Owl City - Dave Days

Owl City

Dave Days

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Owl City - Dave Days - tekst piosenki

You would not belive your eyes
If ten million home supplies
Appeared and taught me how to live
I test out every bed (Look!)
I'm on a movie set
You'd think me straight
I just can't help but .. frolic

I like to make myself belive
That i could die here happy
Everything I'd ever need
Is right in front of me
I think there's something wrong with this TV
Nap time ...

I take a thousand steps
When do these arrows end
Either Deja Vu or I've been here before
These employees are jerks
And there arrows don't freaking work
Because if they did I wouldn't be asking you
How to get out of here ?!

I like to make myself belive
These magic arrows help me
With every step I'm lost again
My legs can't walk no more
I don't think they have an exit door
How is this a lamp ?!

I find it kind of hard to belive
That there's a food court right next to me
If I never left how did I get here
I think i saw this in the Twilight Zone once
Nobody inside made it out!
What are you looking at ?!

My points of latitude and longitude are 30 norht 100 west
I'll be on the couch that's on your left

I like to make myself belive
That somebody will save me


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