Sleepwalker - Adam Lambert


Adam Lambert

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Sleepwalker - Adam Lambert - tekst piosenki

I saw a picture of you,
Hanging in an empty hallway .
I heard a voice that I knew ,
And I couldn't walk away .
It took me back to the end of everything ,
I taste it all , I taste it all the tears ,

Outside the rain's fallin' down,
There's not a drop that hits me.
Scream at the sky but no sound ,
Is leavin' my lips.
It's like I can't even feel,
After the way you touch me.
I'm not asleep , I'm not awake ,
After the way you loved me.

I can't turn this around,
I keep running into walls,
that I can't break down.
I said I just wander around,
With my eyes wide shut because of you .
I'm a sleepwalker , walker ,walker x2
Let me out of this dream.

Everywhere that I go,
I see another memory.
And all the places we used to know,
They're always there to haunt me.
I walk around and I feel,
So lost and lonely.
You're everything that I want ,
But you don't want me.


Sleepwalker - Adam Lambert
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Sleepwalker - Adam Lambert


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